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The Youth Leadership Association (YLA) is proud of the many youth and adults who have been touched by their experience with our programs (YLA Chapters, HI-Y, TRI-HI-Y, Ohio Youth in Government, West Virginia Youth in Government, Fall Conference, Model United Nations, 8th Grade Youth & Government Seminars, Camp Horseshoe programs, Cave Lake). Many of them have sent us their comments about their experiences and how their lives have been changed due to their association with this YLA. Alumni bring commitment, experience and new support to all our youth programs. Our new Alumni Program offers many ways to stay involved, to share leadership advancing all our programs and to offer YLA experiences to many more young people.

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Periodically we also email an Alumni Newsletter. Here is the most recent newsletter – [ Alumni Update June 2015 ]

Nelson Dodd Alumni

Camp Nelson Dodd opened in 1921 through an initial gift of land to the State YMCA of Ohio (a predecessor to the current Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association) by J. Foster Dodd. He gave family farm land near Brinkhaven in Knox County, Ohio, as a memorial to his youngest brother Nelson. The camp’s last operating season was 1967. It was sold to the Newark YMCA who operated it for a few years and then closed the camp. In the early 1990’s the Newark YMCA sold Camp Nelson Dodd to the Evans Foundation in Newark.

Many former Camp Nelson Dodd campers have sent us their memories about their Camp Nelson Dodd experience.

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The Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association is in search of anyone who was involved with Camp Nelson Dodd. If you were a camper or staff member we would love to hear from you. We are collecting postcards, pictures and other memorabilia of Camp Nelson Dodd. Gifts of Camp Nelson Dodd items are welcome! Our goal is to have a Nelson Dodd Memorial building or at least a room at the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association’s new Ohio residential Cave Lake Center for Community Leadership. Pictures, postcards, brochures, memorabilia and other Nelson Dodd materials are welcome additions to our collection. Give a call or mail them to us or deliver them in person to Cave Lake.

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