Youth in Government

  1. Our school doesn’t have a YLA group.  Can we still participate in the conferences?

We can help you start a YLA group (service and leadership development club), if you’re interested.  As a YLA member ($15 affiliation dues), you will receive significant discounts on all of our programs (usually $25 reduction in fees).  You will also have the benefit of a year-round program AND a structured group to raise money for conference attendance.

  1. What if we just want to attend the Youth in Government program?

You are welcome to attend any and all of our conferences as an unaffiliated (non-YLA) participant.  You will not be eligible to run for any leadership positions, but can still participate fully in every activity.

  1. I don’t have anyone else from my school (or I’m homeschooled). How can I attend?

We often have home schooled or individual students attend our conferences.  You will still need an adult advisor (usually a parent) who will attend with you.  We can work with you to gather other interested students and grow the program, also.

  1. How do I decide which branch (e.g. legislative, judicial, lobbyist, etc.) to choose?

The largest portion of the program is the legislative group.  If you enjoy interacting with lots of people and want to sit in the real seats of the House or Senate, this is the best choice for you.  The judicial program has a smaller number of participants, but allows you to sit as a Justice and also argue as an attorney.  Lobbyists will interact with committee members in the Legislature, but do not have the ability to speak on the floor.  Press and page delegates are working behind the scenes to keep us informed and keep the business of the other branches moving.

  1. What are the deadlines I need to know?

December 5 – Participation Agreement & Roster

January 28 – Final Fees, Registration Forms, Bills/Cases Due

The process starts with this Participation Agreement and Roster, which is due by December 5th.  Once you send this in with your non-refundable deposit of $75/person (student and adult), we will send you the information you need to get started.  Many of the resources are online.  We encourage you to start early – you CAN send your materials in BEFORE the deadline.

Once you have sent in the deposit, begin working on writing your bill, creating your case, etc.  You will complete all of this before the January 28th deadline and send in all of your materials with your final fees and registration forms for the lowest rate.

  1. What if I change my mind?

As a leadership development program, we will encourage you to plan ahead.  Your $75 deposit is your commitment to attend and is non-refundable.  If something happens, you may substitute someone in your place.

  1. We’re brand new at this. Is there help available?

ALWAYS!  Just contact our office to have your District Director schedule a visit to help.

YLA Youth in Government is...

distinctly different.  We’re about citizenship, not politics, political careers, talk, or debate. YG seeks solutions for the common good as we lift others up to become their very best, work to change conditions so all succeed, and to make our make our schools, communities and state better than we found them.

In these three days at the Statehouse or Capitol, experience the process of state government by preparing and then presenting legislation in the actual House or Senate Chambers, make decisions to move Ohio and West Virginia forward, create connections with peers and adults from across our state, and have a great time with a purpose.  Make friends, learn all you can, put your best ideas forward, and make differences for good now and throughout your life. 

Ohio Youth in Government 2020-2021 Officers

  • Kylie DeFoy (Jackson) – Governor
  • Hannah Haley (Jackson) – Lt. Governor
  • Grant Balzer (Jackson) – Secretary of State
  • Isabella Scully -Tenpenny (Jackson) – Secretary of Education
  • Gavin Ray (Wellington) – President of the Senate
  • Senate Clerk – Vacant
  • Senate Chaplain – Vacant
  • Madison Adkins (Jackson) – Speaker of the House
  • House Clerk – Vacant
  • Julius Skestos (Wellington) – House Chaplain
  • Katelyn Eilerman – Committee Chair
  • Sarah Bowman (Jackson) – Chief Justice
  • Kaltra Woltz  (Jackson) – Associate Justice
  • Alexander Jolly (Jackson) Associate Justice
  • Emma Webb – Press Editor

West Virginia Youth in Government 2020-2021 Officers

  • Jada Stutts (James Monroe) – Governor
  • Avery Richardson (Point Pleasant) – Secretary of State
  • Jordan Feamster (James Monroe) – Secretary of Transportation
  • Cameron Thomas (James Monroe) – Senate President
  • Madison Vass (James Monroe) – Senate Clerk
  • Luke Fraley (James Monroe) – Senate Chaplain
  • Lauren Ballard (James Monroe) – Speaker of the House
  • Luke Jackson (James Monroe) – House Clerk
  • Jakobey Meadows (James Monroe) – House Chaplain
  • Zara Zervos (John Marshall) – Committee Chair
  • Kayla Butler (Point Pleasant) – Committee Chair
  • Tyler Fetty (Grafton) – Committee Chair
  • Matison Brown (Point Pleasant) – Committee Chair
  • Stephanie Persinger (James Monroe) – Chief Justice
  • Madisen McMillion (James Monroe) – Associate Justice
  • Gabriella Carter (Hedgesville) – Press Editor

Next Steps...

You can get involved with YLA.  Anyone and everyone is welcome! Students – register for a program. Teachers & Parents – find out how to get your students involved and start a YLA Community Chapter.  Alumni, Friends, & Supporters – A small donation can go a long way towards changing somebody’s life.

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