Camp Horseshoe

Summer Camps

2022 Registration

Teen Entrepreneurship Summit

Learn the basics of entrepreneurship by creating your own business from the ground up with a team of students from across West Virginia!

We’ll practice the principles of enterprise, learn the basics of starting a business, identify behaviors and personal qualities necessary for success,  address real-world problems with innovative solutions, build community, make friendships for life, and learn how to make a difference for good in our own hometowns.

YLA Leadership Summit

Hands on teambuilding, service, communication, living with others, and learning to build successful student organizations.

We’ll build community, make connections with teens from across many different states, and learn how to make differences for good.


Youth Opportunity / Adventure Camp

Children thrive in Horseshoe’s guided atmosphere of purpose, positive role models, caring expectations, learning and character building activities. The residential experience of family and community is Horseshoe’s distinctive difference in the lives of children. Favorite camp activities include swimming, snorkeling, hiking, nature, homestyle meals, campfires, archery, STEM experiments, sports, games, arts and crafts, singing, and much more!


2022 Horseshoe Camp Counselor Positions

Want to make a real difference next summer? 

Invest in the lives of children and youth by volunteering as a Horseshoe Camp Counselor. You’ll live, serve, and play as part of a supportive community at our residential camp in the mountains of Tucker County, WV. The work is hard but the friendships and rewards are priceless. This is a paid volunteer opportunity that includes a biweekly living allowance, housing, meals, certifications, three weeks of training, and eligibility for an Education Award.  Read our Brochure to see if you have what it takes. To request an application, contact us at or 304-478-2481.

Next Steps...

You can get involved with YLA.  Anyone and everyone is welcome! Students – register for a program. Teachers & Parents – find out how to get your students involved and start a YLA Community Chapter.  Alumni, Friends, & Supporters – A small donation can go a long way towards changing somebody’s life.

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