YLA Community Chapters

YLA Community Chapters are focused on building better schools and communities through service and leadership. Volunteering, raising awareness, fundraising, and having fun with your peers are just a few reasons to get a chapter started in your school or community.

Youth in Government

Get the chance to learn civics in action! YG lets students run the state government for 3 days - debating bills, deliberating court cases, lobbying for support, and even running for Youth Governor. Join the Legislative, Judicial or Executive branch, or act as a lobbyist, page or a member of the press corps.

Youth & Government Seminars (YGS)

Learn more about your state government by seeing it in action! YGS gives 8th graders in WV and all Middle School students in OH the opportunity to visit their state capitol, meet their legislators, and learn about government with fun, interactive, hands on experiences.

Model United Nations

A first-hand experience in international diplomacy. MUN lets you become an ambassador for your choice of 193 countries across the world. Learn about your county's position on worldwide issues, and debate resolutions in your councils in hopes to get your resolution passed by the General Assembly.

Fall Conference

Rejoin all of your friends and YLA family, share your service projects and ideas, and learn some new ideas to take back to your chapter. Also experience mock sessions of the rest of our school year programs to prepare for the spring! Fall Conference is a weekend of fun and YLA memories.

Camp Horseshoe

Experience all of what YLA has to offer at one our week long camps and leadership summits at Camp Horseshoe in Tucker County, WV. Get away from it all, and create lifelong memories and friendships, while having fun learning about character, leadership, service, entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Our Programs Are Student Led

It’s right there in our name! Youth Leadership. We believe in learning by doing. From our chapters to our government simulations, we allow the students to lead the way towards making their schools, communities, and states better places to be. 

Everyone is Welcome

YLA Chapters and YLA Programs are open to everyone. Our programs are built around character, teamwork, and friendship. There is a YLA Program for everyone. Join us today to make memories and friendships to last a lifetime. 

A Legacy of Leadership

We pride ourselves in learning from those who came before us. YLA operates on a model of Plan, Do, Review. Our years of experience are unparalleled. 

In 2021, we will host our:

  • 70th Ohio YG and 64th West Virginia YG
  • 82st season at Camp Horseshoe
  • 42nd Model United Nations assembly
  • 13th season of Youth & Government Seminars (YGS)
Commitment to the Future

Our goal is to build sustainable YLA Chapters in every community across Ohio and West Virginia.  

Next Steps...

You can get involved with YLA.  Anyone and everyone is welcome! Students – register for a program. Teachers & Parents – find out how to get your students involved and start a YLA Community Chapter.  Alumni, Friends, & Supporters – A small donation can go a long way towards changing somebody’s life.

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