Horseshoe Leadership Center

Constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps for the United States Forest Service, the State YMCA of West Virginia (now the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association) opened Camp Horseshoe in 1940 and has operated it since. Today, just as it has since that opening, the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association maintains Horseshoe’s guiding principles of creating community with everything directed to helping youth and adults strengthen their homes, schools and communities by becoming . . .

Horseshoe Dining Hall

Horseshoe Dining Hall

  • more responsible for their own lives
  • better motivated, prepared and committed to lead and to serve
  • action oriented, and
  • more responsible citizens of the community

Cave Lake Center for Community Leadership

A quiet sense of beauty, nature’s majesty, a rare ecological treasure, and an overall spiritual atmosphere all describe Cave Lake. A premier site in its wealth of natural resources, Cave Lake is estimated to have more than 150 species of birds, 160 species of trees and shrubs, and 360 species of blooming plants. A rare cave, spectacular lake, wetlands, hardwood and softwood forest, rare plants, and more all are within Cave Lake’s 730 acres.

An ecologically significant cave looks out onto the beautiful 42-acre lake, hence its name, Cave Lake. The mouth of the cave is fairly large, approximately 25 feet in height and approximately 55 feet wide. It narrows down as you enter and extends over 300 feet or more to a very small opening on the ground surface.

Cave Lake is near Latham, Ohio, in Pike County, approximately 10 miles from US 32 (the Appalachian Highway). Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Huntington, and Lexington are all within a 1 to 2 hour drive. Cave Lake is nestled in Pike County in the Scioto River Valley of south central Ohio. Altitudes within the area range from approximately 500 feet to 900 feet.