Your Donation Will Make a Big Difference in the Lives of Youth

Our Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association Endowment sustains and grows our youth programs and helps young people benefit.

Endowment gifts may be cash, bequest, life insurance trust, life income trust, land, stocks and bonds. Gifts may be directed to overall program support, a specific program or project, facilities, or to establish a named fund.

Special named funds within our Endowment include Robert L. Bland (Weston, WV), Lewis N. McManus (Beckley, WV), Oliver Ocasek (Akron, OH), Faye Murphy (Greenfield, OH), Martin and Blanche Essex (Columbus, OH), Hazel Phillips Fund (Parsons, WV), Barry Rhodes Fund (Hendricks, WV) and the Waldock Ohio Youth in Government Performance Award Fund (Sandusky, OH).

Endowments may also be established to benefit the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association in other foundations or through trust arrangements managed by others. Most recently the late George M. Waddell of Greenfield, Ohio, established the $500,000 George M. Waddell Leadership Fund for Cave Lake at the Columbus Foundation. Alice and Kep Smith of Parsons, West Virginia, established a $3,500,000 trust for Camp Horseshoe at the Citizens Bank in Elkins. William Stinson of Washington C.H., Ohio, established a trust at PNC Bank for our youth programs. The Mavis Johnson King fund for Camp Horseshoe is with the Tucker Community Endowment Foundation.

Our endowments now total approximately $5,000,000.

Why Give to the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association

From our 1867 beginnings, youth and adults with a passion to make our homes, schools and communities better have always donated money to make possible all we accomplish. A teenager says it best, “So many young people need what you gave me . . . a new life, a new purpose and a new chance to count for something good.” That’s why we give.

Giving a charitable gift demonstrates commitment to help today’s youth become the future we all want.
If you would like to make a charitable gift to the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association, you may do so in a number of ways:

By using our Printable Donation Form, completing it and mailing to the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association, P.O. Box 239, Pt. Pleasant, WV 25550.

Use AmazonSmile so when you make a purchase through Amazon a portion of the sales amount will go to the OH-WV YLA.

Ohio West Virginia Youth Leadership Association
Kroger Rewards

All Kroger districts in West Virginia and most in Ohio will help you invest in YLA just for shopping with them using your Kroger Plus Card. First, go to to sign in or set up your personal account. Under MY ACCOUNT Account Summary scroll down to COMMUNITY REWARDS to pick your favorite Kroger store and assign YLA as your organization. To do that, type Ohio-West in the search box. Hopefully, you are in our registered districts so when our name comes up all you have to do is click the button beside our name and then click the ENROLL button. That’s it! You are done! Next time you use your Kroger Plus Card you will be investing in the youth of YLA.

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