Cave Lake Center for Community Leadership

The Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association is transforming Cave Lake, a place of rare natural beauty in Ohio’s Appalachian forest, into a nationally significant year-round leadership center for youth, adults, and families.

A quiet sense of beauty, nature’s majesty, a rare ecological treasure, and an overall peaceful atmosphere all describe Cave Lake. A premier site in its wealth of natural resources, Cave Lake has an estimated 150 or more species of birds, including 40 species that nest on the property, 160 species of trees and shrubs, and over 300 species of blooming plants.

Cave Lake offers unsurpassed opportunities for a peaceful atmosphere for personal and group growth. Our program focus is leadership development, environmental stewardship, volunteer service, the arts, and building relationships among families, communities, institutions, and organizations.

Cave Lake will be a community in its own right; a highly supportive, values-based community where participants shape and experience the kind of community they want to create back home.

Teens will find Cave Lake to be theirs because they are listened to, they are empowered to achieve their potential, and are challenged to make differences for good in the lives of others.

Families, schools, communities, congregations, and organizations will find that Cave Lake helps them more effectively direct the growth of their most important resource – their children and young people.

Cave Lake strengthens and expands the base of civic leadership renewing family, school, business, organizational, and community life across Ohio, the region and nation.

You are invited to be part of this shaping the future experience!

New Facilities in a Timeless Place

Tremendous potentials for leadership and stewardship exist within the design of the architectural elements of the Center. The remarkable environment of Cave Lake provides both inspiration and backdrop for the structures that will shelter the nation’s future leadership.

Our new facilities will exhibit a strong unified design aesthetic, embody sustainable environmental objectives, and integrate YLA’s program into each building design within this beautiful natural setting.

A Youth Leadership Village ~ Family Leadership Village ~ Conference Leadership Village ~ each providing unique programming and housing styles will be enhanced by shared facilities including a Dining Hall, Meeting Rooms, and facilities for the Arts, Nature, Program, and Health as well as a Farmstead Pioneer Village, and Challenge Courses.

Once fully operational, Cave Lake is projected to reach 31,000 annually with on-site programs plus a statewide outreach to 6,000 youth as local YLA Youth in Government and other YLA youth programs increase participation.

Pictures of the August, 2016, groundbreaking for the Lodge, (pictured to the right),can be seen in our Media Gallery.

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YLA Cave Lake Center for Community Leadership
1132 Bell Hollow Road, Latham, OH 45642