About Us

Leadership – Character – Service – Entrepreneurship – Philanthropy

YLA is open to ALL!

YLA welcomes HI-Y, TRI-HI-Y, and YLAs. Other groups (e.g. FFA, county & city youth governance, Key Club, church youth groups) also join YLA to expand their program while keeping their own name and organization.  Youth wanting their own youth group can create a YLA. Our staff will help!  The Ability to Think Straight, some Knowledge of the Past, some Vision of the Future, some Skill to do Useful Service, some Urge to fit that service into the Well-Being of the Community…These are the most Vital things that YLA must produce!

YLA Youth Leadership Experiences for every School and Community

Local YLA Chapters, high school Youth in Government Student Legislature and Supreme Court at the Capitol, 8th Grade Youth & Government Seminars at the Capitol, Model United Nations, Horseshoe’s teen Entrepreneurship and Leadership-Service Summits, Adventure Camps for elementary students, Governor’s Youth Opportunity Camps for low income 7 –  12 year old boys and girls, special custom designed learning camps for schools and a place for other organizations to conduct their own programs, Leadership Conferences and soon Cave Lake Center for Community Leadership.

YLA brings these values to life through four well-tested principles –

On-going process: Leadership preparation is a process, not an event. It must involve chances to apply what is learned in real community situations and draw upon an on-going network of support and guidance. Local school and community YLA youth groups are civic leadership laboratories where youth with supportive adult advisors create, lead and govern their own YLA Chapter; initiate their own approaches to engage peers in community building, civic responsibility, personal and group growth and service.

Learning by doing: Leadership requires action and is therefore best learned by doing. Experiential community-building activities allow participants to work in teams, develop plans of action, test and refine their approaches, build confidence, uncover the rewards and challenges in making differences for good and discover their potential as citizen leaders.

Time away: Preparing young people to be more effective citizens and leaders requires removing them from the distractions and influences of day-to-day life; giving opportunities to gain greater perspectives on themselves, the issues facing their peers and the society at large, and the many ways their talents are needed as responsible members of community.

Making a real difference: The true value of leadership training must be measured by the differences participants make in their homes, schools, communities and world.

Simply put, a YLA experience makes differences in the way we live as demonstrated by . . .

  • How we behave
  • How we live in the world
  • How treat others
  • How we create better futures for all
  • How we accept our responsibilities
  • How we become lifelong good citizens
  • How we appreciate our heritage of our communities.


YLA’s Vision
People with a YLA experience will be in every community helping to create better futures for all.

YLA youth volunteer to improve their schools and communities and expand their YLA experience by participating in Youth in Government Student Legislature or Supreme Court, Model United Nations Assemblies, Youth & Government Seminars at the Capitol, Leadership / Entrepreneurship Summits at Horseshoe, and activities at Cave Lake.

YLA is open to all including schools, HI-Ys, community groups, Ys, Student Councils, Scouts, FFA, Career Clubs, City Government Youth Councils, faith based groups, on-line students, home schools, and individuals.