We believe that helping youth achieve their full potential is our primary mission. We seek to help youth develop leadership and citizenship skills for a lifelong commitment to service through character building programs for all that strengthen spirit, mind and body.


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Fall Quilt Retreat - Sep. 11-15
Make a Difference Day - Oct. 27
Horseshoe Rec Area Closes - Oct. 28
Cave Lake closes for the season - Oct. 31

The YLA Experience

Teens say it best . . .

I would never experience the different viewpoints from others where I live. I earned to value other opinions, to see openness to create successful organizations that satisfy everyone. I am always quiet and while I have learned it is okay to listen, it is even better to speak up because everyone has different perceptions. I had to miss a week of school to come to Horseshoe. Nothing taught me in school can be replaced by what I am learning here. Horseshoe is worth every second.
I learned entrepreneurship can be so fun and exciting! I learned to have leadership you need good communication and a hard work ethic. I also learned that you are here to “Be Bold” and “Lead Strong.” I hope to carry my skills with me and learn even more new things in selling and buying. I am very grateful of you!
The first week of YOC I had a little camper, Steven. He had never been away from home before. He was a foster child. He came in all excited and very nervous. He was scared no one would like him. He got to be a very great camper, listened well, and got along with others. He could have not been a better camper. He got close to the counselors and close to his cabin mates and other campers. At the end of the week, Steven had so many people wanting to say goodbye to him. It was sad seeing Steven leave. It was great hearing him state he loves me and can’t wait to come back next year, because he loved everything about this place.
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